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    Shake Your Money Maker!

    Check out this video that Shawn Royster of www.RoysterProductions.com put together for the intro of our seminar…

    So the whole point of this video was for the attendees. They played this inside the Hard Rock ballroom that we rented out and it was to make it seem like we were dreaming of partying and having a blast and we forgot all about the seminar and then we got ready and ran down! So the part of us walking into the actual ballroom and shaking everyone’s hands was filmed AFTER and then put together.

    Sick idea on the production teams part! Shawn and his team are the SHIT for any event or film stuff.

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    1. Ryan Orrico

      Gangster shit.

    2. love this video.. and those hotel rooms are gorgeous :)

    3. Bernie

      I can’t get into this type of music. To me it’s ghetto pure and simple.

    4. cool video but you guys forgot to brush your teeth

    5. Absolutely LOVED it. Do they edit existing footage? I am going to their site NOW! Thanks again for the post and the bullet graphic at the start look sick! Dr N from the UK

    6. Update: Showed my MD and they are very very impressed. How did they do the sliding shots across the room?

    7. gucci

      Yea amish make a white version with some red neck tunes

      jk lol keep it real gangsta

      2010 year of the bugatti for amish

    8. Loved the video! You guys are GANGSTA!!

    9. Very nice colouring on the film. Pro stuff guys. Well done.

    10. Amish,

      Don’t listen to the haters, you guys are doing it big and are always being creative. In my opinion, you and Jay are the “Flavor” in the industry. Big-up to the whole Ymulti fam! Keep it up!

    11. Had to put it to rest as soon as the music started.

      I like the bullet thing at the front though :)

    12. Rondelle

      Shake your money maker
      Like somebody’s bout to pay ya
      Don’t worry about them haters
      Keep your nose up in the air
      You know I got it
      If you wanna come get it
      Stand next to this money
      Like – ey ey ey!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    13. After seeing this video I instantly called Royster to see how much he’d charge to film a hip hop video. Now I just need to rent some Atlanta booty shaken hoes, a few Impala’s, get some Gold Teeth and I’ll be Crunked and ready to roll.

      This clip is so well done. Stoked to be there for the party that night.

    14. That was the SHIT! Tell your boys they did a hella of a job. Keep up the good work and stay steppin up your game

    15. Jacob

      hahaha. LOL

    16. Jacob

      dude fuck dude,

      I remember when you were first getting the word out about this.

      No lie, I wanted to try and get in on this and make my way to San Diego.

      Seems legit..

      I want in still

    17. Sup! My Homies
      Ya’ll Large & In Charge.
      I love seeing somebody blowin up.
      I ani’t rollin like that yet.

      I tricked off over 50 stacks the last 5yrs.
      I’ve made less $100 dollars.
      Wish I had some cake when The Magic Bullet
      came out, I’d been in tha house wit cha’ll.

      Didn’t you say, you were going to throw
      Yo Dawgs a bone, from time to time.

      I’m going to make a video for you Amish, Larry, & Styles.
      Title: This Is A Realll Ghettooo Video! Literally!

      Some Way Some Day I’m Gonna Make It
      Up Out The Hood Some Way!

      Keep Sending Emails & Videos To The Hood,
      Helps My Inspiration, & Gives Me A Big Enough Why.
      Like Robert Kiyosaki Tells Me I Need.

      Holla At Cha Boy J.Olivene

    18. Yo, great video with very high quality, amish does it again.

    19. I Almost Forgot!
      Today Is My Birthday.
      No Party.

      Party By Myself, Study & Implement,
      Direct Response Marketing.

      Armand Say’s This Business Is Too Good
      To Give Up On.
      And He’s Sooo Damm Right About That!

      Holla J.Olivene

    20. Hey Amish
      I Volunteer To Keep Your Magic Bullet,
      While You’re On Vacation This Summer.

      Shot Callin’ & Big Ballin’

      And I’m Out. See Ya!


    21. Craig Clemens

      Haha Royster fucking rules. He made me these vids for my birthday parties the last few years :)


    22. Mathieu

      Next time….Ask Ludacriss to appear on your video .. it will be so gangsta

      Canada. Qc

    23. Addison

      That video is pretty gangsta! Also, I hope Jmo did hire them with some booty shakers! ha!

    24. serious event but fun;)


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