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    my morning superfood smoothies

    i started up my morning superfood smoothies again and started workin out everyday again…feelin great!

    a lot of you have asked for the recipe so here it is!

    here is the deal with this recipe – it helps with EVERYTHING you do. This thing packs more nutrition in one glass than you get in a MONTH.

    Healthy and Clean Smoothie = Healthy and Clean Mind = Getting what you want

    you can get these ingredients from http://www.ultimatesuperfoods.com/ and Whole Foods and http://www.sunfood.com

    First we have to make a base for your smoothie. This basically allows you to put as much healthy shit in you want without it tasting bad! I learned this little secret from Len Foley, the master smoothie maker over at www.thebestdayever.com. (killer site by the way) The smoothie below makes about 4 cups.

    Start off with half an inch of water and put it into your vitamix.


    1. Spoon of raw and organic honey
    2. Spoon of raw/organic coconut oil
    3. Pinch of organic sea salt
    4. Handful of organic cashews or organic brazil nuts
    5. Two squirts of vanilla stevia

    Blend on high until silky smooth. Now you have your base!

    Now Add:

    1. Half a cup of Organic Frozen Berries (or fresh berries like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc.)
    2. 1.5 – 2 cups Coconut water or some kind of nut milk (I prefer coconut water, but I do use nut milk sometimes. Such as vanilla almond milk or hemp milk)
    3. 2 to 3 (or more :) ) big tablespoons of Cacao Powder
    4. 1 – 2 teaspoons of Goji Berry Extract powder
    5. Handful of Goji Berries
    6. 2 to 3 tablespoons of some kind of seeds (I like Chia seeds the best. But you can use flax seeds)
    7. 1 – 3 scoops of SunWarrior Protein
    8. 1 – 2 tablespoons of tocotrienols
    9. 1-2 tablespoons of SunWarrior activated barley (optional)
    10. 1 tablespoon of maca extreme (be careful! :) )
    11. 1 -2 tablespoons of The Sun is Shining (or spirulina)
    12. 1 tablespoon of organic peanut butter (optional)

    Blend that all up until smooth and enjoy!

    You can basically mix and match ANYTHING you want and be okay. The more you put, the thicker the smoothie will be. As you start making more of them and watching what you put everyday, you’ll get a good idea of what works for you. There is so much you can put into smoothies its incredible. Like I said, once you have your base, you can dump stuff in and it’ll still taste good! The ingredients above are just some of the things I put in my smoothies. Some days I put other stuff and substitute. All depends on what you feel like.

    The best part is, they taste GREAT and they make you feel GREAT.

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    1. Hey Amish, be sure not to overtrain :)

      Looking forward on trying this “healthy shit”, tnx for the tip.


    2. Nice setup… I learned a lot about raw foods 2 years ago and since have been incorporating it into my daily diet. My fiance and I are always creating green smoothies, nothing too fancy but tons of “dark” greens.

      Kale, banana’s, bee pollen, peanut butter. (Vitamix to the rescue)

      Never had the Cacao Powder, pretty potent stuff I hear… ?


    3. Sounds great! Will have to try it . For now I’ll just stick my MetRx. It doesn’t exactly make me
      feel bad.

    4. Sounds great. Thanks for clarifying about the base… Are you a raw vegan?

      I’m still new to morning smoothies, but mine are basically: spinach, one frozen banana, frozen pineapple (or mango), slice of ginger, juice of half a lemon, teaspoon maca

      Without this in the morning, I just don’t feel my best.

    5. I use smoothies with protein powder and strawberries and walnuts. Having too much stuff can be difficult to make. check out our site http://www.healthandfitnesstraining.org/ gives you more ideas on healthy living.

      PS: This is also a PPC site that I make money with and it converts well.

    6. Amish…everything sounds really healthy with exception of the coconut products and the peanut butter. Be aware that the word organic doesn’t always neccessarily equate with “good for you!” (LOL!) Many folks fail to make this distinction!

      Coconut oil and peanut butter, even when organic, are both hugely high in saturated fats and heart clogging chloresteral (Ya, I know, spelling isn’t my strong suite!)

      My wife and I do 21 day “juice fasts” from time to time….the juices we make in our vitamix (Love those things….powerful as a damn car!) are essentially smoothies. We only use organic, and everything healthy under the sun can be added! At the end of the 21 days, our bodies are CLEAN! The whites of our eyes are truly white again, our minds are sharp, our bodies energetic.

      So you are right! This stuff works. It is just some of your ingredients that give me pause!

      Michael Rytter….And Oh yeah….I have more money than you too! (LOL!)

    7. If you’re serious about your health, you need to check out these two products for your shakes:

      1. The Ultimate Meal, by http://www.UltimateLife.com . Also available at most Whole Foods, or direct. An incredible mix of raw organic superfoods, and
      2. Ambrotose. Contains what many scientists are now calling the most important class of nutrients ever discovered, glyconutrients (all Medical Textbooks used in Med Schools, like Harper’s Biochemistry, were recently rewritten to include these)… yet they’re missing from our foods, including these superfood mixes. They are essential for the Immune System, and have even been proven to stimulate a massive production of the body’s own Stem Cells. More info at http://www.mtexpro.com/preenroll.php?uname=shareitall&nopop1=&er=1&firstin=1&promocode=goland2/

    8. FYI: It’s true that coconuts have saturated fat but because it’s a medium chain fatty acid it does not create cholesterol. The lauric acid gets burned like a carb!

      It’s well documented that the saturated fat in coconuts is different from other saturated fats and in fact very healthy. Just google coconut oil. And, that’s just the oil. The coconut water has the best balance of electrolytes making it a perfect post workout drink but also a very healthy low calorie drink for anyone. Also well documented.

    9. That actually does not sound very healthy. All the honey and nuts you put into it will sort of negate the good stuff you put into it. I think the vanilla EAS protein powder I put in my smoothies makes it sweet enough. All of the other stuff you have there, cocunt oil and berries have enough sugar as it is. I like to make mine with green leaf veggies like kale, chard, spinach, romaine lettuce, collard greens, parsley, and then add in 12 oz of pure egg whites (egg whites international) and protein power for the protein. And then a few apples and bananas to sweeten.Flak seeds are good too. It tastes good. Not as good as the one you listed but way healthier.

    10. Ya, this is just my morning smoothie. I definitely make smoothies for other parts of the day too. Kale, Bee Pollen is sick too. Cacao powder is great because it is the perfect delivery agent to whatever you put into your smoothies. And its got tons of antioxidants. Oh ya, and it tastes GREAT!

    11. I’m not a raw vegan. I eat vegetarian for the most part and try to eat as healthy as I can. I eat seafood and chicken sometimes as well. I think it’s all about balance. With my lifestyle it’s hard to do that. I went vegetarian for about 6 months and I gained about 12 pounds. That’s because I didn’t know how to be a “proper” vegatarian. LOL. I ate cheese and bread pretty much in every meal. Again it’s about how you live and what balance you can have!

    12. Coconut oil is a saturated fat but it will not clog your arteries. It’s a GOOD fat. As Vegan Nutrition said – it’s a medium chain fatty acid. The coconut is proven to be the BEST hydrating liquid that is natural. =)

      As far as peanut butter, I use RAW peanut butter. And only about once a week.

      I’ve done 8 day cleanses before, and WOW what a difference.

      More money than me?! LOL. Good for you bro! GET THAT!

    13. Well said.

    14. Honey is actually extremely healing. Yes it has sugar, but it’s not the garbage refined sugar. It’s all natural, all raw. Coconut Oil is GREAT for you as well.

      Berries are for flavor and antioxidants.

      Of course carbs are not good for you, but these are natural and raw and taste GREAT. :)

    15. Really good info about the coconut oil……I just assumed because it was saturated, it was bad! Thanks….The peanut butter bugs me more than a little….cause I love it!!!!

      Anyway, great post, great comments. It’s nice to get away from the IM/getmoremoneynow thing for a while and chat about what’s really important…Life and living it better!

      Michael Rytter
      “Just Google my name!”

    16. Those recipes sounds good – some folks here need to do more research – it’s all solid.
      Now, I just need to get you guys on the P90X or Insanity workouts with me! The Insanity workout is Bananas!

    17. Hey Amish

      Just made this smoothie – minus a few ingredients! It’s awesome..

      I need to invest in a vitamix too!


    18. Daniel C.

      I have been making this smoothie for a couple of weeks now and I find that it sits on my stomach for quite awhile. I think it is because your recipe yields too much smoothie. What would be your thoughts on cutting the ingredient amounts in half?

      By the way Michael Rytter, I googled your name and all that comes up is a facebook, twitter account and an article about a child with delayed speech??? are you supposed to be famous?

    19. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

    20. this blog..from marketing trick till healthy food XD cool!

    21. Bridget

      Enjoyed this post. (Even though I’m really late on finding it) I love finding new things to put into my smoothies. Here’s what I put in mine:

      Blueberries, strawberries, half a banana
      Chia Seeds, Flax Seed
      Protein powder
      Coconut oil
      Coconut milk
      Coconut water (sometimes)
      Goji berries

      I’ve been wanting to try cacao powder and sunwarrior protein

    22. Hey Buddy,

      Here’s one for you! It’s powering me up for app building all day long, and west coast winter surf to boot :)

      My new juicing recipe for a guaranteed good start:

      - 4 Purple Plums (Super Ripe)
      - 1 Yellow Tomato (Medium)
      - 1 Pomegranate (Seeds Only)
      - 3 Large Carrots
      - 2 Large Celery Sticks
      - 1 1/2 Cups Thawed Strawberries
      - 1 Red Pepper **So much juice from this guy**
      - 1 Orange
      - 1 Pear
      - 4 tbsp Hulled Org. Sesame Seeds
      - 2 tbsp Golden Org. Flax Seeds
      - 2 tbsp Azteca Spirulina
      - 2 tbsp Non-Gmo Lecithin Powder
      - 2 tbsp Acai Berry Powder
      - 500 mg Evening Primrose Oil

      Makes about 950 ml of pure goodness. Follow this up with an hour of good exercise and I’m ready for anything…



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