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    Project: Yourself

    Project:Yourself is my daring new online course that takes ancient wisdom, merges it with space-age science, and unlocks your dormant ‘superhuman’ powers for bending reality. Experience powerful mind-body-spirit tools quietly used by the world’s movers and shakers for boosting your energy, creativity and intuition, your focus and sense of purpose, and your overall wellbeing… so you can accomplish the impossible in any area of life.

    Crowd Fund Code

    How is a small group of today’s smartest business owners raising (legal) cash they’ll never have to pay back? Welcome to the secret world of crowd funding. This new online business model liberates you from banks and credit cards. It’s so easy, anyone can do it. And it’s even being used by U.S. Presidents like Obama and Clinton. Discover my step-by-step method to getting the crowd funding phenomenon working for you almost instantly in the Crowd Fund Code home training course.

    Ancient Explorers

    Led by me and a group of avid archaeology, history and ancient technology enthusiasts, the Ancient Explorers Foundation is committed to finding the hidden truths in the world’s most mysterious ruins and ancient cities. What secrets of our past are buried in these places? And what can they tell us about our future? The Foundation provides regular excursion reports, news, discussions and trip invitations to our tribe.

    90 Day App Challenge

    What’s stopping you from making a ton of money in the ever-expanding mobile apps segment? Is it a lack of technical or marketing skills? Analysis paralysis? Or maybe you believe you’re too late in the game to start from scratch and make a solid, sustainable income? The 90 Day App Challenge annihilates all your excuses by putting you through a crash incubator course that thrusts you into my powerful app network… and leaves you with the keys to your own app empire in 90 days or less.

    Magic Bullet Seminar

    The Magic Bullet Seminar is a seminar put on by Amish Shah and his business partner Jose Rivera. The Magic Bullet Seminar is a life-changing experience where you come to our city and visit with us for 2-3 days while we teach you the latest business strategies we are using to grow our businesses. We cover many different topics like mindset, traffic strategy, lead generation, conversion, campaign structure and optimization, leveraging your business and campaigns, and much more. We also invite some of the biggest and best speakers to join and also speak with you about some of their latest tactics and strategies for their businesses as well. Not only do you get the best ‘insider’ information, we also give you plenty of time to network with business-minded individuals just like yourself! This years seminar is over but be sure to check back next year!

    Magic Bullet System (MBS)

    The Magic Bullet System is a 6-week intensive training program we build for individuals and small companies interested in building a solid affiliate marketing business from the ground up. We hold you by the hand teaching you everything we did to build a business that some days brings in over $100,000 in sales. Learn how to select winning offers, build and manage solid advertising campaigns, expand your traffic to new levels, optimize and increase conversion rates and explode your advertisers sales revenue with our special techniques and strategies that will have you domination the markets you advertise in! MBS is officially SOLD OUT…but may open the doors again soon.